There is no monthly fee or upfront cost to use our product. We charge a $3,000 plan production fee at the start of every home.

This fee covers your permit ready set of engineered construction documents, a site plan, construction budget and purchase order contracts with every supplier and subcontractor you will need to build the plan and options you selected.

BNC also receives cooperative fees from suppliers and subcontractors. These costs have already been built in to our house budgets. Fees differ by industry and contractor but are fully disclosed on every house budget and purchase order.

Our highest priority is to allow you to build homes for less money and operate more efficiently than ever before. This is achieved by the collective volume of our members, efficiency of process, smart design and competitive bidding through highly qualified suppliers and subcontractors.

You’re under no obligation to use our recommended suppliers and subcontractors however we have worked out the details to build our homes in advance. With our recommended team, you not only achieve volume pricing but great service. If you’re not happy with their product or performance we want to know about it. If a supplier and subcontractor fails to perform on the job they stand to lose not only your business but the business of every member of the cooperative.


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