Our goal is to solve the problem of imbalance for small to midsized builders in the marketplace. Our product allows builders to enjoy some of the cost savings and time efficiencies that regional and national homebuilders take advantage of.

We designed, costed, specified details and negotiating prices with suppliers and contractors for every component needed to build our homes. Numerous small to midsize builders use our product building the same house plans while working with the same suppliers and contractors allowing for collective volume. This makes your pricing for our plans better than you can probably achieve on your own jobs. We provided you the costs but you decide on the pricing you show to your clients. You’re not required to use all our suppliers and contractors but we think you will want to after you see how easy it’s makes the process.

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Our product is not only about cost. A core focus of our goal is your time. Our builders spend a fraction of the time to construct one of our homes in comparison to a custom home. In addition, having the plans, site plan, budget, purchase order contracts, scope of work and schedule template prepared for you we provide you marketing material as well.

Plan brochures with pricing, options and specifications complete with your logo and contact information are included at no cost in a PDF format. This allows you to build your brand and cut the time you spend on the sales process dramatically.

These tools allow your company to look and operate like a regional or national homebuilder at no upfront cost. Best of all your customer will never know we exist. We operate as your outsourced back office staff so your clients will only see your brand.

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