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With BNC your clients can build their new home from on your website via PC or mobile app. This user-friendly process will allow you to set your margins on any of BNC’s pre-priced plans and options. You or your clients will then be able to choose everything from morning room extensions to upgrade appliance packages and everything in between.

The best part is these selections automatically generate your budgets, purchase order contracts with our approved vendors, customer selections sheets for contracts and more.

Watch a short video or take a text drive with a sample home today.

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Available Home Plans


PRO3 – Starting at 1,989 sqft and ranging up to 3,397 sqft this home offers main level master living with 2 additional bedrooms or a 2nd master suite on the 2nd level. With an open floor plan, great room sizes, classic this home has everything for someone searching for that perfect main level master bedroom house plan.


PRO1 – Starting at 1,326 sqft and ranging up to 1,531 sqft this home offers all the benefits of a single-family home without the extra rooms many buyers are looking to drop. This allows generous room sizes and an open floor plan in a single-family home for a townhouse price.


ACL2 – Starting at 2,694 sqft and ranging up to 6,394 sqft this home is incredibly versatile. Its 25 diverse structural options allow you to use this plan to suit a wide array of clients, price ranges and lot types.

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