Home Building Simplified

Considering Becoming a Home Builder in the Mid-Atlantic Region?

Getting a homebuilding division up and running can be a monumental task. When considering this, developers are faced with the fact that they would need to integrate a lot of new moving parts into their organization and managing all of that can be daunting and expensive.

Builders National Cooperative (BNC) offers a solution to this problem by providing the services that a large production homebuilder would typically staff internally. Rather than employing your own in-house draftsman, purchasing department, systems programmers and designers, BNC handles all of that outsourced to provide you a turn-key, build ready package.

Our existing build-ready homes will allow you to get started at little to no upfront cost. For others that have specific requirements we can incorporate a builder’s existing product inventory or develop a new product inventory to suit any market, demographic and price point. Prices for these services vary based on scale and complexity.

How Does it Work?